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Mill Stream Cottage and The Wren's Nest

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Andy Paget &
Eeva-Maria Mutka
Pen Pynfarch
SA44 4RU
tel: 01559 389 917

The Studio

Perfect for:
Research & Development, Making and Rehearsal
in Dance, Movement, Theatre, Film, Music, Art
Meditation, Ecology
Retreats, Groups and Small Conferences

Converted from a stone barn, the studio is a light airy space with semi-sprung birch-ply floor and underfloor heating.
It measures 6m x 9m.
There are a pair of active monitor speaker which can be connected to I-Pod, laptop or any line level output.

rehearsal studio rehearsal studio Meeting place

The studio is available to hire with the accommodation.

Daily rate: £50/day.

rehearsal studio rehearsal studio place for somatic practice

Studio steps

Details of ongoing, open workshops with Andy Paget and Eeva-Maria Mutka in the Studio & land:

Andy and Eeva in the Studio

'this is somatic...' movement workshops

and Current Newsletter

Butoh and Somatic Movement Residential Workshop March 2018(pdf)

Eeva-Maria – biog
Eeva-Maria is a Finnish performer and community dance leader based in Llandysul, Wales since 2002. She trained initially in theatre at LAMDA, in London, 1989-92, and has since continued her professional development in dance and somatic movement work gaining qualifications to teach ‘Body and Earth’ workshops, to deliver the Touch Trust programme and training events, and to lead Japanese ‘Space Dance’ movement for all ages. Since the 1990’s she has been performing internationally in dance theatre & film, site specific works, cross art form improvisations, cinema and TV in the UK and Finland. She has also been teaching people of all ages, including projects with young children, children with their parents, young people with disabilities, adults with learning disabilities, and the elderly in care home settings, sometimes independently, sometimes through community dance organisations like Arts Care Gofal Celf and Age Cymru’s Cartrefu project. In 2016 Eeva performs in Miranda Tufnell’s major collaborative piece, with David Ward and Sylvia Hallett, Pneuma and Gaby Agis’s Close Streams for Turner Gallery, Margate amongst other performance projects. For 8 years she designed and co-ordinated an annual workshop programme "Body, Movement, Environment" at Penpynfarch, and they continue to rent out studio and accommodation to artists from all over the world. Eeva feels passionately about the importance of sensory experiences and creative opportunities for all, for learning, health and happiness. Sustainability education starts with ourselves, our own bodies.

Andy Paget – biog
Andy Paget has a broad interest in movement, mindfulness, embodiment and how these relate to our relationship with our environment and each other. He initially trained in movement and theatre at the Ecole Jaques Lecoq and with Monika Pagneux and Philippe Gaulier and subsequently worked at LAMDA for 9 years teaching movement and Improvisation as well as directing theatre productions. In 1999 he completed a training in The Feldenkrais Method. During his 15 years as a practitioner Andy has worked individually with clients and has taught group classes at his own studio but also for the Core Trust in London, the WEA and Arts Plus Adult Education centre in Nottingham. With his partner Eeva-Maria Mutka Andy has co-directed the Penpynfarch centre for body, movement and environment since 2003. Andy has given workshops in the This Is Somatic and Touch Base series of workshops at Penpynfarch as both student and teacher. Andy has worked extensively as a Storyteller in Artists In Schools programmes in London and held a post as Arts In Education Officer for the Kingston Music and Arts Trust. Andy is also a percussionist and has considerable experience playing for dance and movement classes. Andy is currently training in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy with the Applied Mindfulness Centre.

Artists in residence

Past events include an annual workshop programme Body, Movement, Environment which ran for 8 years 2003-2010, including regular residential courses (Body and Earth with Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose), Easter retreats (with Miranda Tufnell), weekend workshops (with Adam Benjamin, Simon Whitehead, Oguri amongst many others) and a mentoring programme (with Guy Dartnell).

Create your own residency
You might be in need of space to rest, retreat, create, write, research, ...on your own or with a small ensemble.
You can create any length of residency, just contact us!
Penpynfarch has accommodation in the Mill Stream Cottage and The Wren's Nest totalling to 8 adults if using double beds for two.
For example, Mon-Fri Studio and Accommodation in The Wren's Nest starts from £300.

Research & Writing in Studio Lovely warm floor Making in the valley
Accommodation, Wren's Nest

Artists in residence at Penpynfarch in the past include choreographers & dance companies, theatre & live art companies, storytellers & writers, musicians & bands, and visual artists.
Some of those who worked here are:
Beth Powlesland, Yumino Seki, Sara Wookey, The Jones Collective, Philip Reeder & Danielle Meunier, Jessica Lerner,
The Clod Ensemble, Miranda Tufnell, Sylvia Hallett, Gerald Tyler,
Joanne Fong, National Theatre Wales, Michael Harvey, Gaby Agis, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Chris Goode, Andrea Olsen, Adam Benjamin, Guy Dartnell,
Mr & Mrs Clark, Jo Shapland, Fiona Wright, Patua Dance, Volcano Theatre, New Art Club,
Welsh Independent Dance, Fuel Theatre, Fecund Theatre, Momentum Theatre, Sally Dean, Nikki Tomlinson,
Tanya Syed, Tim Jones,Tamara Ashley, Uhhuh Dance Co, Ailsa Richardson, Claire Henderson, Jeff Higley & Kate Pyper.

If you'd like to hear the sound of our river with a beautiful dancing image, click here:
A short film titled 'Penpynfarch' by Lizzy Skykes made as part of Dance For Camera (Welsh Independent Dance with Wideload)

art studio discussion Michael Harvey-drama studio

Sylvia Hallett, Miranda Tufnell & E-M Mutka - collaboration Andrea Olsen dancing Titta Court & Ulla Pirttijarvi - rehearsal

Musician's Retreat

More photos on our Facebook page

"Penpynfarch is one of those rare places where improvisors working intensively can delve deeper into their personal journeys and public faces. The work in this safest of environments has, over the past years been as deep and rich as the landscape that surrounds us. We have danced, laughed, cried, eaten (very well) played sumo on the beach and shouted at the sky."
- Adam Benjamin

out in the woods woodland studio sky through trees

"Penpynfarch is an invaluable facility...It's a great place to get away to, where you can really focus on what you want to explore and achieve,
undistracted by the usual stuff that's going on in the city."

- Guy Dartnell

Mixed media

The facilities and idyllic location perfectly supported our creative process.
We would thoroughly recommend Penpynfarch and look forward to returning in the future."

- Fecund Theatre

darkness Marega Palser-mark making at Penpynfarch R&D

“Pen Pynfarch is a tender place to immerse oneself in the forest and farm land of Wales. This fecundity nourishes the senses and helps bring alive a naturally resonant community. It is a place quiet enough for creativity to flourish and in which the movements within the body find reflection in the natural world.”
- Caryn McHose, Resources In Movement, New Hampshire, US

The Valley in Fog

“Penpynfarch is set up to develop a deeper understanding and care for the living body, alongside care for the rhythms and needs of land . Set at the head of a steeply wooded valley, at the end of a road, it’s a unique place to work together, a place where a passionate care for the ecology of our lives infuses everything that happens.” - Miranda Tufnell

location for dance films

Eeva's work: Kinaesthetic Learning, Creative Dance & Movement Play