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Eeva-Maria Mutka
tel: 01559 389 917

Movement Play, Creative Dance, Kinaesthetic Learning
with Eeva-Maria Mutka


Independent Classes
Parent/Carer & Child Sessions
Regular sessions in school, enhancing different curricuculum areas of learning by request
Training & In-Set for those working in Early Years and Foundation Phase settings
Pre-school settings: Nurseries and Ysgolion Meithrin
After school clubs and playscheme sessions
Special Touch Trust sessions for young people with severe and multiple disabilities, and their carers.

“Body is home. It's our first environment. It is the medium through which we know the earth.
Our relationship with our bodies affects our interaction with the world. “
Andrea Olsen, Body and Earth


Fun structures for:
Immersion in movement, beyond isolated exercises and regimes
Activating different parts of body, engaging the brain connections
Finding Co-ordination in motion,
Sense of Time, Space, Force and Flow
Exploring and creative making with special props, including natural materials and interesting recycled objects
Moving to all different kinds of music, sounds and in silence
Co-operative games building relationships

“In the 21st century we need to teach our children to explore what is original and individual in their movement, not restrict it to mindless repetition. “
Tom Myers, Hope Beneath Our Feet

Eeva-Maria performing in Oogly Boogly, photo by Benedict Johnson


Regular Movement Activities:
Help chilren process new information (learning)
by embodying it in all their muscles and senses.
Allow children to make healthy choices.
Cultivate positive body awareness and sensorimotor development, locating a strong sense of self and encouraging a dynamic relationship with environment
. Release tension and “held” emotion, allowing freedom of expression through movement.
Increase children’s confidence in managing their own bodies, including the ability to interchange rest and activity.
Encourage curiosity about others and cultivate bodily empathy.
Leads to improved concentration and a positive learning environment.


Eeva is also a qualified Touch Trust session leader.

Touch Trust is a Cardiff based charity providing creative, touch-based art of movement and dance programmes for individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, behaviour that challenges and profound and multiple disabilities.

Touch Trust believes in the power of Touch. It uses Touch with educational multi-sensory activities to bring enjoyment and relaxation. Touch includes gentle massage, music, movement and dance as well as light, colour and sound to stimulate the senses.

If you'd like to find out more visit Touch Trust website
and contact South West Wales Touch Trust provider
Arts Care Gofal Celf, Carmarthen Tel. 01267-245641


Parents/Carers are an important part of creating a positive, supportive environment where children can develop body-awareness, practice physical skills and enjoy creative movement. The adults also appreciate the chance to really play, get close and physical and also relax together in a guided situation.

“Children should be encouraged to use their own movement, without being corrected to comply with adult standards of movement, conditioned by convention.”
Rudolf Laban

Eeva-Maria outside her Studio

Eeva's leaflet

Eeva-Maria is a Finnish dancer and teacher based in Llandysul, Carmarthenshire since 2002.
She has about 25 years experience of performing internationally and teaching people of all ages, including many projects with children and adults with disabilities and in early years settings. Currently Eeva leads My Moves, a mixed ability weekly class in Newcastle Emlyn and is involved in Dance in Health projects through Arts Care Gofal Celf. She is a member of the newly established national network called The Knowing Body.
She has designed and delivered one-off and series of sessions in schools, nurseries, Ysgolion Meithrin, playschemes, training days and independent creative classes involving parents too.
Eeva is used to collaborating with other artists, across art forms and languages. From September 2011 she's learning Welsh on the Geiriau Bach course at Trinity St. David's University.
For 8 years she ran Penpynfarch as a rural retreat with educational arts events, including residentials for families.
Eeva feels passionately about the importance of sensory experiences and creative opportunities for all, for learning, health and happiness. Sustainability education starts with ourselves, our own bodies.

“Physical movement plays an important role in the creation of nerve cell networks, pathways which are the essence of learning....Sensations are the foundation of knowledge. Body is the medium of learning.”
Dr Carla Hannaford, Smart Moves - Why Learning Is Not All In The Head

Eeva-Maria's Performance work:

Wild Boy Peripheral Landscapes in Coventry Summer Dancing working with Miranda Tufnell Witness

E-M trained at LAMDA, in London from 1989-92.
Since then she has performed in dance theatre & film, site specific works, cross art form improvisations, cinema, TV and children's TV in the UK and on the Continent. Works include Gaby Agis' Peripheral Landscapes & Explicit Faith, Jo Fong's films Witness, Jo Shapland's Dance for Neanderthal, performances & tours with Jessica Lerner, Marega Palser, Patua Dance, Kirsty Alexander / BUY, Blast Theory, Guy Dartnell & Healing Theatre, Diaspora, Salamanda Tandem, film-makers Tom Paine and Miranda Pennell (including the award winning Habit). E-M has danced in Tetsuro Fukuhara since 1997, receiving the Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship for research into Japanese Butoh Dance in Japan in 1998.
Her own practice involves Improvisation in her Studio and woods at p e n p y n f a r c h, sketching ideas solo and with Andy Paget, for dance theatre informed by the ecology of the valley and their work on the land.
Currently she’s involved in the development of NORTH - Hidden Behind the Darkness with Gaby Agis & Titta Court. This project has meant research trips to Inuit territories in Canada and Arctic Scandinavia. She’s also performing in Pneuma, by Miranda Tufnell, Sylvia Hallett and David Ward, premiered in Oxford Feb 2015. Storyteller Michael Harvey is working with E-M to create Lady of the Lake – a duet for a Storyteller and Dancer.

working with Jessica Lerner working with Tetsuro Fukuhara North-Hidden Behind Darkness

solo work at PPF Studio performing with Jo Shapland, Dance For Neanderthal