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Penpynfarch Rural Studio
Penpynfarch Rural Studio
Penpynfarch Rural StudioLight in Penpynfarch StudioAndrea Olsen teaching Body and EarthMalcolm Manning at PenpynfarchLisa Lochhead's Art Retreat for WomenWorkshop break at Penpynfarch StudioAilsa Richardson's Extase at Penpynfarch StudioThe Feldenkrais Method at PenpynfarchStudio with underfloor heating - ideal for YogaSong-writing at PenpynfarchAndy Paget's Somatic Awareness classMichael Harvey and Eeva-Maria Mutka - R&DDaughters Days workshops for girlsMr and Mrs Clark - R&D at Penpynfarch

Our studio is an ideal space for Research & Development, Making and Rehearsal in Dance, Movement, Theatre, Film, Music, Art, Writer's Retreat, Meditation, Ecology: 
Retreats, Groups, and Small Conferences

Converted from a stone barn, the studio is a light airy space with semi-sprung birch-ply floor and underfloor heating. It measures 6m x 9m.

There are a pair of active monitor speaker which can be connected to i-Pod, laptop or any line level output.

The studio is available to hire with the accommodation.
The basic daily rate for the studio: £70/day.  Enquire about longer hire.

Penpynfarch Studio nestled in woods

Bring your group

Penpynfarch is a great place to bring people together, perhaps your existing group for an in-depth residential.

Using the Studio for group work and accommodation in the Mill Stream Cottage and The Wren's Nest across the yard, we can currently house upto 8 people. In the summer camping is an option. We also work together with neighbours to make more bed spaces possible, at walking distance, no cars needed once on site: Ann's B&B has 3 beautiful double bedrooms (one with en-suite), Suzanna has a charming twin bedroom self-catering cottage and Mark & Michael have two 5 star cottages up the hill. 
Enquire with us about the different options.

Studio with rich history

Many kinds of things have happened in the Penpynfarch Studio, from celebrations to meditation retreats.
It has been the home of many workshops and rehearsals, with people from all corners of the world.

Artists in residence at Penpynfarch in the past include choreographers & dance companies, theatre & live art companies, storytellers & writers, musicians & bands, and visual artists. 

Some of those who worked here are:
Jessie Brett, Mechanimal, Eskimo Chain, Beth Powlesland, Yumino Seki, Eleven Farrer House, Sara Wookey, The Jones Collective, Vanio Papadelli, Philip Reeder & Danielle Meunier, Jessica Lerner, The Clod Ensemble, Miranda Tufnell, Sylvia Hallett, Gerald Tyler, Joanne Fong, National Theatre Wales, Michael Harvey, Gaby Agis, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Chris Goode, Andrea Olsen, Adam Benjamin, Guy Dartnell, Mr & Mrs Clark, Jo Shapland, Fiona Wright, Patua Dance, Volcano Theatre, New Art Club, Welsh Independent Dance, Fuel Theatre, Fecund Theatre, Momentum Theatre, Sally Dean, Nikki Tomlinson, Tanya Syed, Tim Jones,Tamara Ashley, Uhhuh Dance Co, Ailsa Richardson, Claire Henderson, Jeff Higley & Kate Pyper.

  Studio acroos the yard from cottages

Create your own residency

You might be in need of space to rest, retreat, create, write, research, ...on your own or with a small ensemble.
You can create any length of residency, just contact us!
Penpynfarch has accommodation just across the yard in the Mill Stream Cottage and The Wren's Nest at present totalling to 8 adults if using double beds for two, and Hideaway singles. 
For example, Mon-Fri Studio and Accommodation in The Wren's Nest starts from £330 ( one or two persons in Low Season).

Vanio Papadelli and friends, rehearsals at PenpynfarchMarega Palser R&D at Penpynfarch

'Studio Outdoors':

What's very special about coming to work creatively at Penpynfarch is that you can move from Studio to the sensory outdoors so easily.
There is private woods and fields, water and green stuff to play with, to your heart's content.
There's trees to sit under and places to reflect  -  space to think.

Ailsa Richardson workshop at PenpynfarchMechanimal theatre company R&D at Penpynfarch

Writer's Retreat

Penpynfarch makes a great Writer's Retreat too - take a look at author  Andy Robb's  blog entry: 'Secret Retreat' in Sept 2017:

Author Andy Robb on Writer's Retreat at Penpynfarch "If you’re a bunch of authors, a band, dancers, singers, poets, artists or whatever, I seriously suggest you get yourself down there and soak it all up.
Just make sure you leave a slot for me – summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. Fires and hot chocolate are fine by me."Band Eskimo Chain recording an album at Penpynfarch

Reviews about our Studio

"A huge thank you from all of us for letting us come to Penpynfarch.  We had a very productive and creative time, and felt very welcomed.  I look forward to returning at some point."   - Tom Bailey, Mechanimal, Dec 2017.

"We all had an amazing time and can't think of a more beautiful place to have spent that week so thank you for allowing us to come and make an awful racket."  - Patrick Smith, Eskimo Chain, Nov 2017.

"This truly is a magical haven + perfect for our Zen retreat." Zen Association Wales, Feb 2017.

"I have been visiting and working at Penpynfarch for many years. What creativity takes is a delicate thing. It can't be forced, it needs time, space, privacy, and for me, a slowing down. The beautiful walks nearby hold this precious time and energy, something unpressured occurs. I urge anyone who has the opportunity to work in the studio or grounds to take it." - Jo Fong 

"Penpynfarch is one of those rare places where improvisors working intensively can delve deeper into their personal journeys and public faces. The work in this safest of environments has, over the past years been as deep and rich as the landscape that surrounds us. We have danced, laughed, cried, eaten (very well) played sumo on the beach and shouted at the sky." - Adam Benjamin

"Penpynfarch is an invaluable facility...It's a great place to get away to, where you can really focus on what you want to explore and achieve, undistracted by the usual stuff that's going on in the city."  - Guy Dartnell 

"The facilities and idyllic location perfectly supported our creative process. We would thoroughly recommend Penpynfarch and look forward to returning in the future."  - Fecund Theatre 

“Pen Pynfarch is a tender place to immerse oneself in the forest and farm land of Wales. This fecundity nourishes the senses and helps bring alive a naturally resonant community. It is a place quiet enough for creativity to flourish and in which the movements within the body find reflection in the natural world.”
- Caryn McHose, Resources In Movement, New Hampshire, US

“Penpynfarch is set up to develop a deeper understanding and care for the living body, alongside care for the rhythms and needs of land . Set at the head of a steeply wooded valley, at the end of a road, it’s a unique place to work together, a place where a passionate care for the ecology of our lives infuses everything that happens.” - Miranda Tufnell

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